Is it a Kink or a Fetish?

Well...that depends. It is rather subjective and personal. A KINK is something that a person LIKES to do to enhance a sexual experience. Here are some fairly common kinks:




-orgasm denial/control

-sensual play/touch

-rope play


-impact play

-anal play

-age play/ABDL

-pet play

-foot worship

-there are about a million more

A FETISH activity or object MUST be present to experience sexual arousal or enjoyment. It could be any or all of the things listed above, but it (or viewing/thinking about it) must be present for sexual arousal or enjoyment. Does that make sense?

Here are a few important things to consider about kinks and fetishes:

-They are OK, well better than ok, they are great!

-They are "normal". Most people have some type of sexual kink or fetish.

-Because you like some kinks and fetishes that does not mean everyone does. AND THAT'S OK.

-Because you DON'T like some kinks and fetishes that does not mean everyone does not. AND THAT'S OK.

-BE RESPECTFUL of differences. Don't yuck someone else's yum.

-This includes your partner(s) or prospective partner(s).

-There may be some things that you have not even heard of or thought of before, isn't that cool!!! I love to learn new things!

-Keep an open may be surprised at what you like...even things that you used to not like or things that five years ago you said "I'll never do that!!!"

-And of course, consent, consent, consent. Give new things a try (at least twice). Ask partners to try what you like or want to try. As long as all parties understand what is expected to happen and the potential risks and consent (and are capable of consent), give it a try!

This is a good start for today...there is so much more I could say...another day, another sexy and be well :-)

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